Board of Directors

Board Cover Photo


2021 Executive Committee

President- Todd Lewis

1st Vice President- Jason Rogers

2nd Vice President- Becca Pierce

Secretary-Bill Boyer

Treasurer- Doug Couse

Past President- Doug Couse

Members At Large- Triniti Burgner, Doug Mader, Melissa Price, Clint Schleicher, Julie Thompson


2021 Board of Directors


Allyson Berggren
Bill Boyer
Triniti Burgner

Todd Deaver
Jordan Diedrich
Jeri Goodman
Cherokee Gribble
Nick Lease
Todd Lewis

Doug Mader
Michal Martinez
Larry Massie

Becca Pierce
Melissa Price
Audrey Rocheleau

Jason Rogers
Clint Schleicher

Melissa Schneider
Jennifer Sibal
Libby Stobel

Mason Stover
Julie Thompson
Susan Wiedeman